Thursday, September 8, 2016

A backstory on the Boston Garden Gnome - about us for throwback Thursday!

This is a side project/labor of love where we document one gnome’s travels to our favorite places in Boston.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Think of the Boston Garden Gnome like a Flat Stanley wannabe, but heavier and more 3-D.     

We began this project right around when that French film Amelie came out, and taking a gnome around to photograph while we went to touristy spots in France was actually not all that original of an idea.  Fast forward to now, and people witnessing us photographing the gnome are typically humored by the act.  We’re not sure anyone has actually used the word “cool” to describe this project, but we did honestly hear one person say “neat” and felt rewarded!

They say that you learn by doing, and that’s definitely been the case here.  Our first photos were on film and never really very good.  Either the gnome was blurry or the icon/landmark in the photo was out of focus.  We were dejected, but not ready to give up.

Since we now live in Boston, we began photographing the gnome here and there around town on our lunch breaks and even sometimes on the weekend.   For months, the gnome lived in a purse and, as you can see, got some scrapes and bumps in the process.   

Through doing, we learned the right times of day to get well-lit photos and to not take outdoor photos if it’s cloudy and/or raining.  You would think we would have been smart enough to know these important things early on, but alas, we started out very haphazard in our photographing.  Our latest photographs are the result of thousands of bad photos that we took as practice. 

Our project is in tribute to our friend Emily, part of the original gnome travel group in France in 2001. 

We love travel and adventure and hope to inspire others to seek out the fun in life.